DistroWatch Weekly

DistroWatch.com is full of interesting news in the latest DistroWatch Weekly. It includes information on the not-yet official Debian LiveCD, Mandriva One, Accelerated Knoppix, Super Accelerated Knoppix, and Knoppix 5.0.

Shortly after publishing the above-mentioned announcement, we received an email from Jun Okajima, President of Digital Infra in Japan. His company’s web site claims that a KNOPPIX live CD that boots in — wait for this — under 10 seconds

It’s definitely worth checking out the video of the Knoppix boot.

Ubuntu Dapper Adds Graphical Installer Goodness

Tectonic brings us news that the next testing version of Ubuntu 6.04 “Dapper Drake” has been released. Flight 4 includes some major changes, including a graphical installer on the LiveCD named Espresso. This means it’s now possible to browse the web with Firefox while installing Ubuntu.

Not LiveCD related, but cool anyways, is that after installation the Universe repository includes packages for the experimental XGL 3D desktop.

CD images for Flight 4 of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu are available.

POV-Ray illustrates complexity of changing licenses

NewsForge talks with Klaus Knopper about how different open source software licenses impact Knoppix derivatives.

Knoppix, one of the distributions specifically permitted to redistribute POV-Ray, doesn’t include the raytracer. Knoppix creator Klaus Knopper said he is concerned that either he, or someone who creates a Knoppix derivative, could run into trouble with the license.

A Techie’s Trusty Seven

The security section of Enterprise IT Planet has an article about seven useful tools for computer security. Coming in at number seven is WHAX.

And finally, every security practitioner should have a live CD of some sort. I prefer WHAX, but there are many, many live CD distros available tailored to specific purposes.

Linux Live CDs: All the Linux with None of the Commitment

Informit.com has a great overview of Linux LiveCDs. It starts by explaining the different uses of LiveCDs, and overviews many of the popular LiveCDs available today.

And if that wasn’t enough, specialized live distros can run from business card-sized CDs, USB thumb drives, and some that are intended as rescue CDs for virus-ridden PCs. There are even live routers and firewalls in case you want to use an older PC as your main connection to the Internet.