CD Boots up Linux-based Acquisition

Electrontictalk has a story on a company whose Linux-based product is now being shipped with a modified Knoppix. It apparently allows use of their Linux-based data acquisition product from any computer with a CDROM drive. Sounds like an extremely intelligent idea, they now have a product that can be used with minimal effort.

This card can be used to turn a laptop PC into a digital oscilloscope.

Incite Technology is committed to the open source ethos and has made all software, firmware and even circuit diagrams available to the open source community via COMMEDI.

Knoppix 4.0

Heise online is reporting that Knoppix 4.0 is done, and that it will be distributed this Wednesday at LinuxTag 2005. The 4.0 release is when Knoppix will be split into a CD and DVD versions. The DVD version will include 5,300 applications, two books about Knoppix, and the kitchen sink.

Be the First Kid on Your Block to use Gnome 2.11!

I recently noticed Gnoppix had a big graphic on their homepage announcing “Gnoppix uses gnome Desktop Environment 2.11”. Seeing that Gnoppix 1.0, which was recently released, has Gnome 2.10, I picked a download mirror and a couple clicks later came across a beta folder with an ISO image dated from two days ago. A quick download, burn, and I’m running the development version of Gnome!

I noticed some changes which included a menu editor, new version of evolution, evidence that suggests it is using Cairo, and a fast-user-switching feature (oops, looks like it’s in 2.10 too). Check out the mirror list to download the ISO, or just download it directly from their primary server.

Gnoppix with Gnome 2.11 thumbnail