First Look: BackTrack 3.0 has one of the first reviews of BackTrack, the results of WHAX (Whoppix) and Auditor security LiveCDs joining together.

Once on the desktop, you will immediately notice the “BackTrack” submenu on the KDE panel. This is the most exciting part of this distribution, a place were all the specialist utilities can be accessed from. It is pointless to list them all here, but let me assure you that the collection is truly astonishing and includes tools for sniffing remote router traffic, cracking Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), “bluesnarfing” (a method of hacking into Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones), scanning networks for vulnerabilities, uncovering weaknesses in the Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP), decrypting SSL traffic and recovering passwords.

A Techie’s Trusty Seven

The security section of Enterprise IT Planet has an article about seven useful tools for computer security. Coming in at number seven is WHAX.

And finally, every security practitioner should have a live CD of some sort. I prefer WHAX, but there are many, many live CD distros available tailored to specific purposes.

MitraX live CD reviews the MitraX LiveCD. Looks like an interesting LiveCD, it even comes with the Offile NT Password and Registry Editor, in case you need to reset a password on a Windows machine.

MitraX boots notably faster than similar live CD distributions. In less than half a minute, MitraX boots into the FVWM-95 desktop, which looks like Windows 95 and works in a similar fashion. This is a smart choice because it is practical and lightweight. For this kind of distribution, it’s more than enough.

PHLAK Penetration Testing Live CD Distro has a compact review of the security LiveCD PHLAK.

The XFCE desktop is nicely laid out, the menu easy to navigate and the taskbar buttons very helpful. PHLAK comes with some really nice documentation, available from the ‘PHLAK security documents’ icon on the XFCE taskbar or the Fluxbox menu.

More Whax and Auditor hacking demos

digg has a link to a webpage which has all the Whax and Audior hacking demos available in a single download. Use these to become a computer security expert and get a high paying job.

I’ve scoured the net to locate every single movie and flash demo for Whax (formerly known as Whoppix) as well as Auditor.

Whax Stand-alone Penetration-testing Live distro Review has a good review of WHAX 3.0. If you’re wondering why you would want to download WHAX, this review will answer that question.

when you open the ‘k’ menu, you will notice the top menu ‘Whax tools’; this menu is what sets Whax apart from the crowd. the ‘Whax tools’ menu is divided into easy and obvious sub-menu’s, from enumeration to fuzzers and bluetooth utilities.

Fuzzers? Anyone want to add that to Wikipedia?