How to break into a computer that is right at your fingertips has posted an article about breaking into a Windows box using Knoppix. It seems a little odd to me that this is considered “breaking into a computer”, when in the second part of the article the computer is doing exactly what it was setup to do (ie. boot off a cdrom).

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  1. Actually, it makes sense to me. You’re confusing the technical with the ethical. On a technical basis, the computer isn’t doing anything it wasn’t designed to do. Neither is a car that’s driving down a crowded sidewalk. It was designed to roll on pavement.

    Ethically, you’re going past whatever passwords are in place; thus you’re breaking in.

  2. I have issue with the work “breaking”. Nothing is being broken. If the admin forgot to disable CD booting, how is it different than the admin forgetting to create passwords? Yes, using a computer you’re not susposed to is unethical, but if you sit down at a computer, click on an account, and it logs you in without asking for a password, it’s not considered “breaking into a computer”. The article is purely about the technical aspects of breaking into computers.

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