More on LiveLAMP

Wow, not much LiveCD news today. The LiveLAMP release has already been posted, but there is another announcement that Groklaw is covering. This time they’re putting a $10,000 value on the OSS software they’re including on the CD.

Knoppix 4.0 review

Flavio’s TechnoTalk has one of the first in depth Knoppix 4.0 LinuxTag DVD reviews. It includes a good number of screenshots and talks about changes since version 3.9.

This time, Knoppix 4.0, also known as ‘maxi’, is released on DVD, so that many more applications can be included. The obvious advantage is that you don’t need to spend time downloading and installing your favorite applications.

Wired: Remix Now!

I received the latest issue of Wired and the biggest words on the cover, besides “WIRED”, was “REMIX NOW!”, indicating that this issue would be devoted to the huge amount of remixing the web has seen recently. It actually covered a lot more than I expected. There were many music and movie references, but it also included video games, writing, cars, shoes, ipods, etc. This got me to thinking, what else could be a remix, and it didn’t take long until I started thinking about LiveCDs. If any type of remix deserves a place in this issue of Wired, even just small box, it would have to be the Knoppix LiveCD. Being a derivative of Debian, Knoppix itself has easily over 100 derivatives, from bioknoppix to Whoppix. Knoppix also has credit given to it by Damn Small Linux, a LiveCD which weighs in at under 50 MB, and has several (six I think) derivatives itself. So, for example, one branch of this remix tree goes: GNU/Linux software -> Debian -> Knoppix -> Damn Small Linux -> ELE.

I now view this as a glaring omission from an otherwise great issue. Is Wired even aware of Knoppix? Why does a search for Knoppix on Wired’s website bring up zero hits? Isn’t the ability for anyone to remix an OS easily and distribute it to the world in a form that anyone can test out 5 minutes after downloading worthy of some kind of mention?

Open source industry group offers free server software to Australian schools

The Beer Files has news of a new Linux LiveCD dedicated to setting up working enviroments for schools to give their students. It does not appear to be released yet, but looks like a great use of a LiveCD.

According to OSV, LiveLAMP can turn any PC into an instant server capable of supporting up to 1,000 students doing work on over a dozen programming languages and hundreds of development tools.

My Workstation OS: Puppy Linux

NewsForge has a glowing review of Puppy Linux. Puppy is not just a LiveCD distro, as it also runs from USB devices, hard drives, zip drives, etc. It is definitely a distro everyone should try.

It is kind of the Tardis of Linux distributions — more on the inside than one would imagine.

Freeduc, an educational live CD

NewsForge has a review on Freeduc, a LiveCD geared towards education and students.

The true gem of the distribution is GCompris, an educational suite that contains more than 60 educational applications, ranging from mouse games to a chess tutorial.