Knoppix 4.0 review

Flavio’s TechnoTalk has one of the first in depth Knoppix 4.0 LinuxTag DVD reviews. It includes a good number of screenshots and talks about changes since version 3.9.

This time, Knoppix 4.0, also known as ‘maxi’, is released on DVD, so that many more applications can be included. The obvious advantage is that you don’t need to spend time downloading and installing your favorite applications.

My Workstation OS: Puppy Linux

NewsForge has a glowing review of Puppy Linux. Puppy is not just a LiveCD distro, as it also runs from USB devices, hard drives, zip drives, etc. It is definitely a distro everyone should try.

It is kind of the Tardis of Linux distributions — more on the inside than one would imagine.

Freeduc, an educational live CD

NewsForge has a review on Freeduc, a LiveCD geared towards education and students.

The true gem of the distribution is GCompris, an educational suite that contains more than 60 educational applications, ranging from mouse games to a chess tutorial.

NewsForge | My Workstation OS: Kurumin Linux

NewsForge has another article in their My Workstation OS series. This one focuses on the LiveCD Kurumin Linux, providing information that I was not aware of, such as its large script collection.

In fact, one of the highlights of this distribution is its extensive use of scripts. Kurumin comes out of the box with more than 400 small scripts –- most of them embedded in Clica-Aki, Kurumin’s Control Panel -– aimed at making easier some of the usual configuration tasks such as setting up a server, installing softmodems and wireless adapters, and installing new software.