BeOS rises from the grave, takes the name ZETA

NewsForge has an article about the BeOS-based ZETA LiveCD.

It’s Halloween, and what better way is there to celebrate than by reanimating a dead operating system on your PC? The zombie of choice this year is the ZETA Live CD 1.1, the first free download to bring the long-lost BeOS back from the grave.

Featured Distribution of the Week: LG3D LiveCD’s distro of this week is the LG3D LiveCD. Go read the review.

Your first reaction after booting into LG3D is likely to be that of awe. The panoramic background, 3D visualisation effects of the taskbar and windows, specialist 3D applications such as the background selector on the screenshot below – all these are likely to lead to several hours of exciting desktop entertainment.

An open Studio to Go

NewsForge has a review of Studio to Go.

Open source software developer and musician Richard Bown wanted to make Rosegarden, a popular MIDI sequencer for Linux, available to all people, even if they weren’t fortunate enough to be using an open source platform.

Remastering a Custom Knoppix Distribution, Part 1 has a detailed article focused on remastering Knoppix 3.8.

There are many reasons to want to build your own distribution of Knoppix. By doing so, you could have privately-written software distributed in a complete environment, create a reduced toolset for your specific needs (saving valuable space), or explore and release a particular focus (adding to the growing list of pre-fabricated specialized options).

Dine in geek heaven with Dyne:bolicII

Computerworld has an article with a lot of quotes from core Dyne:bolic developer Jaromil about the new features going into Dyne:bolicII. A lot of work is going into the new release, with the latest packages, new scripts, fast customization, and low system requirements.

Jaromil says the main addition to version two, currently in beta, is that it will include all the compiler tools required in order to modify it.

Run With The Big Dogs On Chubby Puppy Linux

LinuxPlanet has a review of a modified Puppy Linux LiveCD.

Chubby Puppy Linux “fills out” the regular Puppy Linux release with the addition of the suite of applications. It’s a full figured Linux version in a fast, lightweight liveCD package.

USB FlashDrives The New PC?

Slashdot has a link to an entertaining article about the future of computers belonging to removable flash drives and hard drive-less computers. While there are still some obvious roadblocks such as limits to the number of writes, speed, and capacity, these are being improved daily. I’d like to have my customized operating system with all my documents, pics, and music with me wherever I go.