Kubuntu 5.10 Preview Screenshots

OSDir has screenshots of the Kubuntu 5.10 preview release.

On a somewhat related note, I installed Ubuntu 5.10 preview and am thoroughly impressed. The one thing that has shocked me is the “Add Programs” application. In Ubuntu 5.04 Add Programs is not very useful, it has the names of some 20 extra programs not included by default. But now, it’s got hundreds, if not thousands, of apps. They’re all organized, with their own icons, and summaries of what everything does. I’m not sure how to describe it, the experience is something like viewing software boxes at a computer store, except everything is instantly, legally, and freely downloadable. This app should be in every distro and on every window manager. It’s going to have a huge impact on the acceptance of Linux as soon as people discover it.

Elive: Where Debian meets Enlightenment

OSDir.com has a review of Elive. If you like visual effects, you owe it to yourself to try Elive. The screenshots are good, but don’t come close to actually using this desktop.

In a few moments the Elive desktop was loaded. Unlike earlier versions of Enlightenment the vertical curtain effect was not present. Elive uses the ‘elive’ theme as opposed to the Enlightenment default. Wow, where do I start with this crazy desktop. Beautifully polished would be a fit description. It is truly only rivaled by OS X.