Carry hard disk in a pen drive!

The Times of India is reporting that BeleniX, a Solaris based LiveCD, is now bootable from a USB Flash drive.

“You can now buy a thumb drive, visit the BeleniX website and mount the whole OS on to it. You can then carry this with you and use it. We’ll now work on enhancements for future versions,”he said.

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  1. hello,
    i have been reviewing your advice on similar threads and unfortunately none has covered my particular problem. My second disc drive (E) has entirely vanished from view. i am assuming it is still in their somewhere and that it might be otherwise inhabited by irritating life forms of the spyware kind since my anti virus has stopped running correctly and strange things are amiss…. of course i am completely computer daft and despised by all of computerdom. Never the less… the drive does not appear in the disc management section of :My Computer and i am at a loss as to what to do from there… have you any other ideas? i did download some programs of the net intended to tweak and tune up the computer awhile before this problem started perhaps that has affected it? However i cannot access any of these programs to either delete or restore since they are coincidently located in the E drive… is there any help for me?
    thanks so much for any ideas and advice you might have,

    sleepless in cyberspace 🙂

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