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SlashGear Exclusive – Interview with GeeXboX

October 30th, 2006 Comments off

First look at Elive 0.5

October 30th, 2006 Comments off

DistroWatch Weekly takes a look at one of the most visually impressive LiveCDs available.

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Ubuntu 6.10 is (almost) Out

October 25th, 2006 Comments off

The new Ubuntu LiveCDs are being announced on While the link is still pointing to the 6.06.1 release, ISO images of 6.10 are currently propagating throughout the Ubuntu mirrors in a hidden folder called .pool, which happily has full read access. The new Desktop CDs (LiveCDs as they’re known around here) boot significantly quicker than previous releases, which makes them much more attractive for LiveCD tasks than they were previously, and worth the 698 megs of download.

It’s out!



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Fedora Core 6 (Zod) Live-Spins Released

October 25th, 2006 4 comments

Fedora Unity Project has released Fedora Core 6 LiveCDs and LiveDVDs.

A Live-Spin CD or DVD provides a “reasonably useful web browser/email/OpenOffice access,” said Jef Spaleta, long time Fedora community member. It “should be a good quick peek at what the FC6 desktops feel like … without having to do a full install.” He added, “9 out of 10 voices in my head agree: ‘Unity’s Live-Spin CD is a pretty good starting point for future live CD development.'”

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Xen – A GPLed Virtualisation Technology for Linux

October 23rd, 2006 Comments off

All about Linux has the second review of the Xen Demo CD today. It includes some instructions on starting up a Xen instance.

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PCLinuxOS 0.93a – Installation; General Use

October 23rd, 2006 Comments off reviews the current PCLinuxOS 0.93a family.

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First Looks: Xen Demo CD 3.0.3

October 23rd, 2006 4 comments

DistroWatch Weekly contains a review of the new Xen Demo CD.

Xen Demo CD is a bootable CD containing not one, but three Linux distributions – a recent build of Debian “etch”, SUSE Linux 10.0 and CentOS 4. Its main purpose is to demonstrate the wonders of virtualisation, or in less technical terms, the technology of running several operating systems (or several instances of the same operating system) simultaneously on the same machine.

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HOW TO: Dual-boot XP and Vista

October 18th, 2006 1 comment

APC Magazine includes some information on WinPE and the GParted LiveCD in their instructions on dual booting Windows XP and Vista.

Mandriva 2007 Review

October 17th, 2006 Comments off

This Mandriva 2007 review at Linux Forums has a short section involving the LiveCD install of the new Mandriva release.

I booted on the Mandriva One CD, noticed nice boot splash sequences, answered one too many questions about my favorite language, keyboard layout, home country, time zone, favorite time synchronization method, I signed a user license agreement and told Mandriva One I didn’t want to activate the 3D effects (I didn’t, because I wanted to keep that as a surprise for when it would be running from the hard-drive).

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Sabayon Linux miniEdition looks sharp on the bleeding edge

October 16th, 2006 Comments off has a review of Sabayon Linux miniEdition 3.0. Screenshots of some 3D effects are included.

Sabayon has earned a reputation for running right on the cutting edge; it is the first distro to deploy a live CD using the Beryl compositing engine and Nvidia’s newest beta video drivers.

FreeSBIE 2.0 PRE-BETA Release

October 16th, 2006 Comments off

DistroWatch is reporting the testing release of a new version of FreeSBIE.

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pfSense 1.0 Firewall Released

October 14th, 2006 1 comment

Slashdot is announcing the release of the m0n0wall based pfSense 1.0 Firewall LiveCD.

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Tip of the Trade: LiveKiosk

October 10th, 2006 Comments off

ServerWatch has an introduction to LiveKiosk, a LiveCD created for the purpose of safe broswing for the public.

LiveKiosk is an ingenious Linux-on-bootable-CD that eliminates the need for a hard drive. It runs on any Pentium-II system or better — just boot it up, and away you go.

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Run Linux for free on your USB stick drive

October 6th, 2006 2 comments has a quick overview of setting up Linux on a USB device with links to

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A Windows Users Delight: PCLinuxOS

October 6th, 2006 1 comment

Really Linux has an overview of PCLinuxOS.

PCLinuxOS offers the flexibility of being both a Live-cd, and including all necessary components for a full installation. As a Live-cd version it can boot directly from a CD drive without any installation to the hard disk. But more importantly, it includes an easy to use installer that allows you to fully install Linux when you are ready. Of course, as with many major distributions, there are excellent guides on the website for helping use the installer.

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Kororaa Project – GPL – The Final Word

October 5th, 2006 1 comment

The Kororaa Project has released the next version of their LiveCD, and the results of their research into closed source binary drivers being distributed with the Linux kernel. The result is a LiveCD which still has XGL, but only with ATI video cards using the open source driver.

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Elive on The Linux Action Show!

October 3rd, 2006 2 comments

Episode 16 of The Linux Action Show! Podcast contains talk about the Enlightenment window manager using the Elive LiveCD.

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