Massive Linux handout set for French schools | CNET

64,000 LiveCDs are being distributed to students in French schools. This is great in so many ways, not only will it cut down on software piracy (MS will be happy), it will enable many more students to use tools that they may not have been able to use previously. Not everyone can afford MS Office, Photoshop, etc, and not everyone can/is willing to pirate it. Once this generation comes to expect this kind of capability on any computer, manufacturers will include it on their systems, and people will end up getting a $300 Dell with a full office suite, image editing apps, and practically every program they could ever use.

Every student between the ages of 15 and 19 attending a school in Auvergne will be given a pack containing two CDs. The first CD contains free software for Microsoft Windows and Apple Computer’s Mac OS X, including the office productivity application, the Firefox browser and the GIMP image editing application. The second CD is a Linux Live CD, allowing pupils to try the open source operating system without installing it.

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