One Reply to “Daily 5: Five uses for an Ubuntu LiveCD”

  1. my 5 uses for ubuntu is 1) to unlock my password protected windows 7 computer when i had forgotten my password or my patrner changes it being funny
    2) i mainly use ubuntu as i find it had to get viruses and on but still i bet there are viruses for nearly any thing out there theses days lol so my 2) is so my children can us ubuntu so they dont get viruses onto my windows 7
    3) i can do a lot on ubuntu a lot quicker than i can on windows so i like the fast boot up which it only takes ubuntu to boot in under 15 seconds not like windows over 1 to 2 mins lol so my 3rd is doing faster things on ubuntu than i can on windows lol
    4) i like to use ubuntu to check security in windows which i think windows is the most easyest operating system to get on as i can get past the password in under 3 mins or mybe less
    5) and final i lkie you ubuntu live cd as i can use it on any laptop computer as you dont have to install it to use it wicked i should change someof my anwsers above but i will add more later thanks

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