Sidux: A live CD for Debian unstable reviews the  Sidux LiveCD.

Sidux aims to be the best Debian sid-based live CD — and it succeeds. It offers a clean, easy hard disk install and a fast release cycle.

2 Replies to “Sidux: A live CD for Debian unstable”

  1. sidux is the fastest i know, if run ‘fromiso, an installation takes less than 4min, and the livecd itself is really fast and stable!
    and also, sidux is written with only lower case letters! 😉
    be sure to check out sidux-2008-1-Nyx, wich will be out soon! till then, you can check the preview2 or 2007-4,5-Eros and dist-uprade to Nyx really easy via the swiss-knife of sidux, the smxi-script!

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