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  1. I’m sending this message from NimbleX and for me it’s better than what the review describes and it’s a pretty positive review. All my hardware works perfect and the combination of software choosen is very nice. I miss XMMS though.

    As far as I know this is the only distro that can be made bootable over LAN with just a click of a mouse! Very nice!!!

    P.S. This distro is not listed in the livecdlist or on distrowach! Found it on wikipedia though. Pretty strange…

  2. I MUST agree with your opinion, Stefan. For me (I`m REAL new in Linux at all) its the best example of good soft. I recommend this distro for everyone (I tried dsl, dsl-n, and other small distros). In comparision with Nimblex 2005 v.2.0 Nimblex 2007 is better, but like Stefan I miss xmms. Is there someone who use Nimblex like me or Stefan? Best regards. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I am using nimblex 2007 v2 and I find this distro to be just too good,
    this has to be recommended to everyone who want to use liveCD which recognises everything
    (wifi, sndcard,…no problems anywhere) the software packaged is just what I use and what I needed
    I used it to rescue my windows crashed-hdd, but after using nimblex never bothered to install xp
    I agree with Stefan, I had to find out about this by chance (apart from a good review in
    tuxmachines which I found later)

  4. I produced my own iso using Custom NimbleX online.
    Custom Nimblex enables you to choose what packages to include
    in your own distribution and even a choice of wallpaper and
    system sounds. It then prepares an iso for you to download.
    This is then burnt to a cd as bootable and you have your
    very own LiveCD version of NimbleX. An interesting and novel

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