DSL-N: Damn Small Linux gets bigger

Linux.com reviews DSL-N.

According to Distrowatch.com, Damn Small Linux is the most popular microLinux distribution. What began as a toy project to stuff the maximum software inside a 50MB ISO file has matured into a refined community project known for its speed and versatility.

Taking Linux for a Spin

INC.com has a great article aimed at business managers. It is probably one of the most balanced Windows vs. Linux comparisons I have seen.

The Linux world has come up with some utterly painless and riskless ways for any average Joe to give Linux a test drive–on your own PC, in as little as a few minutes, no expertise required. Go for it. It’s easy, it won’t cost you anything, and if you’re at all in touch with your inner nerd you might actually have some fun. What’s more, it just might end up being the first small step in a revolution in the way your company approaches technology.

A comparison of BSD live CDs

DistroWatch Weekly reviews all the popular BSD LiveCDs available for download.

GNU/Linux live CDs are increasingly playing an important role in the free software community. They serve as advocacy tools, they make it possible for newbies to try out software without having to install anything and they make fantastic rescue disks. While all the best known live CDs are GNU/Linux variants, there are also several *BSD live CDs out there. I decided to give them a test run.