Four Flat Tires: Accelerated Knoppix reviews the new Accelerated Knoppix with poor results. I tried it today too, on a T43 Thinkpad with a 2.1 GHz Pentium-M and 512 MB of memory, and it took ~1:30 to boot, not much, if at all, better than regular Knoppix. I wonder if specific hardware is needed to take advantage of the boot optimizations.

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  1. Can you share your settings? I am trying to get Knoppix 4.0.2 live to run and I can’t get X-win to load.


  2. They just worked on the thinkpad with ATI x300 video cards. What kind of video card is in your computer? I’ve seen Knoppix have trouble with some cards, such as integrated Intel 915 chips.

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