Linux screensaver for Windows

IBM’s developerWorks has another thorough article about LiveCDs. This time it involves modifying LiveCDs and turning them into screensavers for Windows.

There is sufficient free and open source software available nowadays to enable Linux to install and run as a Windows screensaver. This article shows you how to construct an appropriate CD or DVD, and in doing so, demonstrates that the “free” and “non-free” sides of the software Grand Canyon are not so far apart after all.

2 Replies to “Linux screensaver for Windows”

  1. Too bad people can’t just click-download-burn-reboot-start it the Windows Way.

    If you’re making things for Windows People, you have to make sure its not too complicated. They don’t want to edit text files, build programs (“BUILD it, wtf?! i just want to install and run it!”)

    Free and non-free are still miles apart. Not like north and south pole, more like Venus and Mars. And thats Good. I hope Linux will never look and work the same way as non-free (Windows) operating systems. But on the other side, Windows is copying more and more features from Linux/Unix. Thats also good.

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