Opening Solaris opens door to community, derivative distros

NewsForge has an article about OpenSolaris and a few derivatives that have come from the project. In it several OpenSolaris LiveCDs are mentioned, including SchilliX and BeleniX. It talks about some of the licensing issues that exist, and is worth reading for anyone interested in seeing what may happen with regards to integrating CDDL OpenSolaris code with GPL Linux code.

Ghosh has been working for Sun for two and a half years, but he is not a part of its OpenSolaris team. He started working on BeleniX in his spare time — what he said was three months of weekends and late nights to figure out how to get the live CD to boot. Calling it “a great learning experience,” Ghosh spent that time filling in the holes left by pieces of Solaris whose code has not yet been released to the community.