Upgrade to free software for italian schools

NewsForge reports that 20,000 LiveCDs will be distributed to students and teachers in Italy. Less than three weeks ago there was an announcement that 64,000 LiveCDs would be distributed to students in France. If only I was given a Linux CD while in school, I’m sure my first computing years in front of BASH would have had a better impact on me then all the time I spent in DOS.

about 20 thousand live-cd will be delivered to students and teachers, with the collaboration of Alpikom [7]. All the students and families will have, for free, the same software environment and all the applications used in the computer classes at school.

DevelopGo – A Programmer’s Platform

OSDir, or Distroreviews.com (are they the same?) has a review of DevelopGo. Worth reading if you’re interested in the various development LiveCDs.

Although I am a Windows Programmer, I was searching for such a Live CD that would allow me to experiment with different types of
toolkits and IDEs available in Linux.

GoblinX Mini 1.2.0 Reviewed

DistroReviews.com has a review of the new GoblinX Mini LiveCD.

GoblinX has never lacked in providing a stunning experience from their desktop image right through to their themes ,which is carried into their bundled applications.

Windows Got Ya Down? Try a Remix

Wired has a piece on the many modified copies of Windows floating around on the torrent sites. Some of them sound extremely useful, including the bootable WinPE along with several WinXP installers on a single DVD. Of course, none of these are legal, but it’s still amazing how much people have been able to do with closed software. Imagine how much farther they could have gotten if they could modify the source code too.

In addition to two Chinese variants of Windows, the Super WinPE disc includes dozens of boot-time utilities for troubleshooting system snafus. One is an experimental “pre-installation environment” that uses a “mini-Windows XP” for system scanning and file recovery, similar to the popular Knoppix LiveCD version of Linux.

KNOPPIX 4.0 DVD – joys and problems

DistroWatch has some info on the new Knoppix 4.0.1 DVD, including a suggestion to wait for the next version, 4.0.2, to be released because of a UnionFS bug.

With the LinuxTag edition it took us about 7 minutes to get from the boot prompt to the full KDE desktop, but the new release gets there in half the time on the same system.

OnebaseGo 3.0 Review

tuxmachines.org has another review, this time of the OnebaseGo 3.0 LiveCD. Overall the reviewer appreared to like it.

The feature that most amused me in OnebaseGo is “Docking”. Do not be confused by that name. It is actually “remastering” the LiveCD in an easy way. The “docking” gives the ability to remaster the OnebaseGo Live CD with your own settings and software without requiring a hard-disk installation.

Because Beauty is Basic

tuxmachines.org reviews the new GoblinX Mini LiveCD. Lots of screenshots to get a feel of the unique desktop.

The desktop is a unique experience due to the original theme and color scheme chosen by the developers.

More Whax and Auditor hacking demos

digg has a link to a webpage which has all the Whax and Audior hacking demos available in a single download. Use these to become a computer security expert and get a high paying job.

I’ve scoured the net to locate every single movie and flash demo for Whax (formerly known as Whoppix) as well as Auditor.