NewsForge | Simple PVR with KnoppMyth

NewsForge reviews KnoppMyth. While most people are aware that KnoppMyth simplifies creating a MythTV box, one feature not widely known is that it can be used as a LiveCD with a MythTV frontend.

Frontend — This lets you use the KnoppMyth machine as a pure front end that connects to a MythTV server you have running. This is useful if you have a couple of TVs, or are already using MythTV. After setting the date and time, you have to enter database settings, after which Knoppmyth starts up as a pure front end to your MythTV server. This is the quickest way to get going, but it does require a previously configured server. You don’t need to do any partitioning, and you won’t lose any data on your hard drive. It’s basically just a live CD front end.