KNOPPIX 5.0 Cebit Released

The Cebit release of Knoppix 5.0 is out. Now we have to wait for someone to purchase it, make an ISO file, and upload it to a bittorrent tracker site (which I believe is legal). The “normal” 5.0 LiveCD and LiveDVD versions will be released to mirrors a couple weeks after Cebit, at the earliest.

The KNOPPIX 5.0 Live DVD contains some major changes in the unionfs-based file system, new hardware detection and autoconfiguration, and a more “genuine Debian” oriented selection of packages. Apart from this, the harddisk install option (“knoppix-installer”) has been extended by Martin Öhler, based on the work of Fabian Franz, featuring a “live update” of specific packages from a new version of the live DVD or CD.

Other important features include safe WRITE access to NTFS partitions using libntfs+fuse. This is something everyone who works with Windows machines will benefit from.

(Update) Here’s a link to the torrent: